Cyn Seer Rockhead

You have no choice but to love Cyn Seer Rockhead, she is no rookie to the stage. Since the age of seven the pop rock star has been using her talents of entertaining to seduce the public’s eye. Performing at the Apollo as a young girl is when the young star discovered music was her talent and destiny. Being a lady of respect Cyn Seer’s music is a symbol of break through and happiness but also fun and freedom. Being raised in Omaha Nebraska gave her opportunities to experience a lot with different people in the industry. Carl Washington, being one of the hottest producers in Omaha, has worked with Rockhead since the age of ten. By working together Washington and Cyn Seer has perfected and created a style that will stand out to the world. Also, by doing so the artist was able to experience things she never saw coming her way. Opening up for big artist such as Ciara and Ludacris was Cyn Seer’s jump to real fame. Shortly following that was being able to be a part of one of the most successful artist’s tour of today, T Pain. The young star took the opportunity as a blessing and has learned a lot from the experience, but like most artist Cyn Seer had to find who she really was deep inside and what she wanted to stand for (Cyn Seer Rockhead today). Cyn Seer was always told “There’s nothing better than having a strong supportive team behind you”. Al BZ and J Grynd (Flawless Forever Ent.) is one of Cyn Seer's first producers to bring out the pop/rock and R&B sound you hear today. From her single "Elevator Music" to "So Cyntimental" she gives you the best of both worlds. Other tracks such as "Say you love me" and "Slow Dance" the artist expresses a sexier/mature side to herself. Then, hitting you hard with the tracks like "Don't play with my heart" Cyn Seer does what she does best by relating to life experiences. Cyn Seer Rockhead has always been a woman of many talents. The singer/songwriter is also known for her skills in being a dance choreographer, Host, Cosmetologist, and makeup artist. Graduating from Salon Cosmetique of Saint Louis, MO in May 2012 set the young star’s career off in the industry. It is not every day you find an artist such as Cyn Seer Rockhead who comes with the total package and who is so passionate about their talents. Being a woman of a strong belief system Cyn Seer is determined that anything is possible and makes it a strong point to show young women how to do so. With that being said I believe Cyn Seer Rockhead deserves the opportunity to expand her horizons and express to the world the definition of being a true Rockhead.

D.O.B April 6th
Hometown: St. Louis, Mo
Talent: Singer/Song Writer, Dance Choreographer, Actor, Cosmetologist, & Model

I’d like to give thanks to God Almighty for creating me. I’d also like to thank my mom and other family members for always supporting me, my manager (J-Grynd of Flawless Forever Ent), my producer (BZ of Flawless Forever Ent) and the rest of my Production and management team for believing in me. I also give thanks and love to all of my wonderful fans who support me and

Show love back.

Please stay in tune for more to come from your lovely Cyn Seer Rockhead